Tenha Orgasmos Multiplox no Snapchat.. Me adc minhas seguidoras deliciosas!! ;)
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The spit roast.

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nice girl


It is never with haste that one should caress a loved one but, with a deliberate motion and purposeful intent to bring them to a place of bliss and feelings of pleasure.

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This is a proper breakfast

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I’d fuck her on the spot if I caught her…

me too she’s dominican too

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Let me

Seriously. A few followers need to come masturbate on my face.

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this gif should be seen by all

I am always going to reblog this it makes me die of laughter every time

Oh god so accurate

too perfect!

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Random release

Sometimes I wish I could express myself more. Be me, allow others to get to see me vulnerable… I’m so full!!! I listen to everybody else problems and life situations/issues and I don’t judge. I be a friend. But shit I got things going on as well and would think I would have at least 1 mutha fucker to talk to. 😒 I pray I don’t have a nervous breakdown soon because I can feel myself start to slowly hate me. Like,” damn tell them not today, you haven’t even helped yourself yet. I don’t have enough storage for all this shit Q. ” I don’t even know how to been to fit some of the shit that’s going on. I hate to leave things undone, but what if I have given up hope on me. Failure has been a reality for 2+ years now, but to others I’m working on getting back where I was. Saying the words “I NEED HELP” are no where to be found in my vocabulary, they just don’t exist. I always feel like I can take on more than what’s at hand and maybe that’s the reason why I’m so fucking full. I’m sick of putting others before myself, I’m on the back burner so much the scares are looking like tattoos (cool). I sometimes wish I could talk to a psychologist. Maybe he/she can get me to accept the facts about me and the aspects of my life and establish a plan. My will to be great have vanished, dimmed, slowed down.

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